MailChimp Pepper
mailchimp-pepper screenshot 1 mailchimp-pepper screenshot 2

This very simple Mint pepper displays information about a MailChimp mailing list of your choice on the Mint dashboard. Version 1.0 shows the number of subscribers to a mailing list in large type. More features to come.

Installation Procedure

  1. Upload the /mailchimp/ directory and its contents to /mint/pepper/michaelfortin/. If the directory /michaelfortin/ doesn't exist, create it.
  2. Login to your Mint installation and in the Preferences click "Install" under Pepper.
  3. Click the MailChimp Pepper "Install" button. Click "Okay."
  4. In the MailChimp Pepper's preferences, enter a valid MailChimp API key and list ID. More information on how to obtain these can be found in the pepper's preferences.
Download the MailChimp Mint Pepper MailChimp Mint Pepper on GitHub