Sleepytime is a slick and functional sleep timer and alarm clock for iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Ecoute, Pulsar and Decibel. It features a gorgeous animated display showing the current song's title and artist, as well as the time that remains until the music stops and other relevant information. At last a sleep timer and alarm clock that's easy to use!

Support for Multiple Music Players

Sleepytime 2 introduces support for players other than iTunes. Sleepytime can now control iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Ecoute and Pulsar. Your favourite player is not supported? Send a feature request.

Sleep Timer

Sleepytime can stop your music after the duration you choose. Have the music fade out over time so it doesn't stop abruptly and wake you up.

Alarm Clock

Wake up to your music the next morning! Sleepytime guides you through a few simple steps to make sure the volume is just right when you go to sleep and when you wake up. The app can fade in the volume so that you wake up smoothly and refreshed.

Computer Actions and Scripts

Have your computer shut down, restart, go to sleep or have Sleepytime log you out of your user account when the music stops playing. Or have Sleepytime run any script or Automator workflow on Mountain Lion or later.

Local Weather

When you finally get up in the morning to stop the alarm, Sleepytime will show the local weather in a cool animated display. The app can also automatically determine your location (if you allow it to do so) and retrieve the local weather automatically.


Sleepytime 2 introduces text-to-speech support using any of Mac OS X's built-in voices, including the high quality voices introduced in Mac OS X Lion. Have Sleepytime tell you the time and/or a word or sentence of your choosing when you snooze the alarm.

Player Controls

New in Sleepytime 2 is a player control bar. This bar, located just below the animated display, enables you to quickly skip tunes, toggle repeat and shuffle, change the volume and more for the active player without requiring you to bring up the player in question.

Works With Your Apple Remote

Snooze the alarm by pausing iTunes with your Apple Remote or by any other means you're used to. No need to unlock your computer! Note though that Apple Remote snooze support is limited for players other than iTunes.


Go to sleep watching a nice and calm animated night sky, or any of the nice built-in fullscreen compositions. The song, artist and remaining time are also displayed in fullscreen mode.

User-Created Fullscreen Compositions

Sleepytime 2 enables you to create and use your own compositions in fullscreen mode. If you don't want to create one yourself, you can download compositions by other users in the Sleepytime Compositions Gallery.

Backup Alarm

Make sure you always wake up on time even if your favorite player doesn't start playing as expected. A life saver if, for example, you're using Rdio and your Internet connection is down when the time comes to wake up.
Sleepytime on the Mac App Store Sleepytime on the Mac App Store

Click the button above to view and purchase Sleepytime 2 in the Mac App Store. The old, free (and now unsupported) version of Sleepytime can be downloaded here.

Want to know more about the app? Browse the full documentation here.

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I’ve been using Sleepytime for a few weeks now and its one of those Mac apps that I wonder how I was able to live without.
This app is so smooth and has just the right features to make it my favorite way to wake up. Definitely a must-have for people who hate traditional alarms. Thank you!
With just about every feature you could want from an app like this, and with the price not even making you think twice, this app is perfect. Amazing and brilliant.
Trust me, get this app here. […] I would have happily paid 2x or 3x for it. Bravo!
I've never experienced this app crash on me, and the user interface is very simple […]. It's hard to not appreciate this app.
Works great! It does as described and has worked perfectly for me, every time.
Sleepytime Scripts Pack
Starting from Sleepytime 2.2 on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and later, you can have Sleepytime run a script when it stops your music. Have Sleepytime put your computer to sleep and more by downloading and installing this scripts pack. It's super easy!
Scripts Menu
Requires Sleepytime 2.2
and OS X Moutain Lion.
Compositions Gallery

Turquoise Stripes
by Patrick V.

Blue & Grey Stripes
by Patrick V.

Dark Grey Stripes
by Patrick V.

Eighties Stripes
by Patrick V.

Floating Panels
by Patrick V.

Green & Pink Stripes
by Patrick V.

Nature Green Stripes
by Patrick V.

Sky Blue Gradient
by Patrick V.

Blue & Grey Light Stripes
by Patrick V.

Click a composition's image to download it.