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Using the Dictionary

The Goal of the Dictionary

The dictionary is meant to store a collection of words that will be used by cleaners when setup to look for keywords. For example, the Clipboard cleaner can be configured to clear the contents of the clipboard only when it contains one or more keyword(s). The Safari Tabs cleaner can also close only tabs which titles contain one or more keyword(s), based on how it is configured. Some other cleaners also use the Dictionary for similar purposes when configured to do so.

The Dictionary is Case-Insensitive

This means that if you add the word "bank", you don't need to add the words "Bank" or "BANK" with capital letters. Just add words in any case and they will be found, no matter what.

Warning: Keyword Verification Searches Within Words

This means that if you add the word "the", a keyword will be detected for "theory", "themes", etc., as well as "Plans for the house", for example.