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Cleaning Logs

What It Does

The Logs cleaner is an easy way to delete log files from your computer. The cleaner lists log files found in common log locations on your computer. All you have to do is check what logs you want deleted.

You can press the space bar to preview items using Quick Look before marking them for deletion. You can also double-click an item to open it and look at it more closely.

How to Delete Logs

To delete logs, all you have to do is check the items that you want cleaned. Here is a little more about how this works:

What Logs Black Hole Shows You

Black Hole lists logs from the following locations:

Most logs are found in these folders. Still, some applications may log information in other locations. If one of the apps you use logs information elsewhere, you can add the new locations to the Files and Folders cleaner, just like any other file. It would be nice to inform me of your findings so I can add additional search locations to the Logs cleaner.