Pauses Help

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Behavior Options

The Behavior tab contains options that define how Pauses behaves when the time comes to take a pause. More details below.

Help Me Remember
When this option is active, Pauses asks you what you are doing when the time comes to take a pause. After you are done typing, Pauses takes over the screen. When your pause is over, a simple dialog reminds you of what you were previously doing so that you can continue to work and regain your focus quickly.

Daily Quote
By default, Pauses shows a daily quote, gathered from the Internet, in its pause screen. This option allows you to enable or disable that feature.

Play Sounds
With this option activated, Pauses plays a sound when a pause begins and another one when the pause ends. One use for this feature is to know that it's time to take a pause if you're working beside your computer. This specific example would work best with the "idle time" option disabled in Pauses' Timing tab.

iTunes Control
Pauses 1.1 and later can control iTunes to either pause your music or start a playlist of your choice for the duration of your pause.

Although Pauses will simply ignore these settings if iTunes is not running, you will need to open iTunes to be able to choose a playlist to play (if you so choose). Pauses indicates that fact when iTunes is closed.

Pauses is also intelligent enough to continue playing whatever was playing in iTunes prior to your pause when the pause ends, so you can listen to say, upbeat music while working, and zen music while taking your pause.