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An Overview of Pauses

Pauses' Purpose

Pauses is a small application that runs in the background while you work and helps you take regular pauses from working on your computer. Pauses is designed to be as non-intrusive or as intrusive as you want it to be. Want it to force you to take a pause? It can do that. Want it to let you skip pauses freely? It can do that too.

The Configuration Window

Pauses' settings are found in its configuration window. The configuration window can be accessed either by clicking on the app's Dock icon or by clicking on its menu bar icon and selecting the "Configure..." item.

Applying Settings
Because Pauses needs to validate the settings you enter, you will need to press the "Apply Changes" button at the bottom of the configuration window for new values to be taken into account. Pauses will then make sure your settings are correct and apply them, after which the countdown to the next pause will be reset.

Enable & Start At Login
You can enable and disable Pauses at any time by toggling the "Enable" checkbox in Pauses' configuration window or by clicking on Enable/Disable Pauses in the app's menu bar item.

If you want the app to start automatically when you log into your user account, check the "Start at login" option.

The Pause Screen
This is what your screen looks like when Pauses takes control. The pie chart lookalike on the left indicates the proportion of pause time completed. When the circle is completely filled with blue, then the pause is over.

The buttons beside it allow you to reschedule your pause (delay it by a few minutes) or skip the pause entirely. The availability of each button is determined by the settings in the "Permissions" tab of the configuration window. You can learn more about permissions here.

You can choose the duration for which you will delay your pause by clicking the small downward arrow beside the "Reschedule" button. After you select a duration, your pause will be instantly rescheduled. The next time you press the "Reschedule" button, your pause will be rescheduled by the same amount of time.

More Information

For more information on the different settings available to you in Pauses, simply navigate to the help index.

Feature Requests, Bug Reports and Feedback

If you have a feature request or a bug report to make then you can contact me through the support page on I'll be happy to hear from you!

I hope you like this app and find it to be useful!