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Permissions Options

The Permissions tab contains all options that pertain to the limits that you can impose to yourself to help you take pauses regularly. More details below.

Forcing Yourself To Take Pauses (Or Not)
If you lack a bit of motivation to take regular pauses, Pauses is here to help. Using the "Allow skipping pauses" and "Allow pause rescheduling" options, you can indicate to Pauses how much slack it may cut you. You can tell Pauses to let you skip pauses as many times as you want, a specific number of times, or not at all.

Pause Rescheduling
Rescheduling allows you to delay the start of your next pause by a specific amount of time. For example, you might want to take your pause in two minutes because you want to finish something. The "Allow pause rescheduling" option allows you to enable or disable the "Reschedule" button in the pause screen.

Effect Of The Settings On The Menu Bar Controls
The menu bar controls are also affected by the settings in the Permissions tab. As you can see below, the maximum number of pauses per day is enforced. If you were to disable pause rescheduling, the "Leave Me Alone" and "Reschedule Next Pause" items would be disabled as those allow you to reschedule pauses before they happen.