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Timing Options

The Timing tab contains all options related to the moment at which pauses occur, their duration, pause postponing, automatic rescheduling and more. More details below.

Pause Interval and Duration
The topmost controls in the Timing tab enable you to choose the duration of your pauses and the interval at which those pauses will occur. When you start the app, Pauses immediately begins counting down to your next pause. The pause will start when the countdown is over.

You can see how much time remains until the next pause in the menu bar, in the Dock icon's contextual menu or at the bottom of Pauses' configuration window.

Pause Notification
By default, Pauses notifies you a few seconds before each pause to make sure you have time to finish what you are doing before it takes over your screen. You can disable this or change how much time before a pause the app notifies you.

Automatic Pause Rescheduling
With the "Consider time away from my Mac as a pause" option enabled, Pauses will automatically consider your pause as taken if you go away from your computer for a while (typically the duration you setup for your pauses). By leaving this option activated, Pauses will never prompt you to take a pause when you come back to your computer after having been gone for a while.

App-Based Pause Postponing
By default, Pauses will automatically postpone your next pause when one of the apps listed in its Timing tab is frontmost. This means that you can start watching a movie without having to bother disabling Pauses in fear of being interrupted.

You can add and remove apps from this list freely to suit your needs by clicking the "+" and "-" buttons below the app list. For example, you might not want to take pauses while working in a specific app that requires prolonged concentration.