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Fullscreen Compositions

What Are Fullscreen Compositions?

Fullscreen compositions are animations that play when Sleepytime is in fullscreen mode and that display information about the currently playing song, such as the track's title and artist, as well as information about the application's state. To enter fullscreen mode, simply click the "Fullscreen" menu item in the "View" menu or press Control + Command + F.

Computer actions

Selecting Another Composition

It is only possible to change the fullscreen composition. The animation that plays back in Sleepytime's main window can't be replaced.

In order to use a composition other than the default one for the fullscreen mode, simply open Sleepytime's preferences through the app's "Sleepytime" menu item, then click on the "Compositions" tab and select another composition in the list that appears. The selected composition will be used in fullscreen mode.

Downloading and Installing Additional Compositions

Sleepytime offers the ability for you to either download or create your own custom compositions for use in fullscreen mode. In order to download additional compositions, simply navigate to the Sleepytime Compositions Page on To make your own compositions, go to the same page; you will find the information you need to create Sleepytime compositions there.

You can also click on the "Download More..." button in Sleepytime's "Compositions" preferences tab to access the compositions page on

Computer actions

To install a composition that you downloaded from the Internet or that you created, simply open Sleepytime's "Compositions" preferences tab and click the small "+" button below the compositions list. Simply choose the downloaded .qtz file in the dialog that appears; Sleepytime will install it for you and it will appear in the compositions list.

To uninstall a composition, simply select the composition to remove and click the "-" button below the compositions list. Sleepytime will remove the composition from your computer.