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Waking Hours Configuration

How Sleepytime Uses Your Waking Hours for the Week

Sleepytime offers the ability to automatically use a preset hour when it opens. The hour that it uses is the one for the current weekday, taken from the alarm hours window. That window can be accessed by clicking on the small button beside the alarm hour, as highlighted in the picture below.

By telling Sleepytime at what hour you want to wake up every day, the app can automatically set the correct hour to wake you up at the next morning when you start it before going to bed. If you always wake up at the same hour each individual day, you will never have to change the hour manually because it will be set for you based on the schedule you entered. Simply start Sleepytime and start the sleep timer!

Note that if Sleepytime is closed it won't start to wake you up. You must start it before going to bed!

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