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Where Is The Weather Displayed?

Sleepytime displays the weather for your area when waking you up in the morning, in its "snooze" window. The weather is displayed visually in an animated fashion:

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How to Configure Weather Location

The first time Sleepytime tries to obtain weather information, be it when you enter the Weather preferences panel or when the snooze window first pops up, you will be prompted by Mac OS X to allow Sleepytime to obtain your location.

If you allow this, Sleepytime will automatically determine where you are currently situated and will display relevant weather information for your area.

If you do not allow Sleepytime to automatically determine your location, you will have to configure your location manually in Sleepytime's weather preferences panel. You can only search for a location if "Determine my location automatically" is unchecked. After a successful search, simply choose the location closest to you in the list popup just below the search field.

When the small indicator turns into a green check mark, it means Sleepytime has been able to retrieve weather data for the specified location and you are good to go!

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Sleepytime won't find my city!

If "Determine my location automatically" is checked and Sleepytime doesn't find your city or region, you could try disabling automatic location tracking and searching for your city manually, as illustrated above.

All weather and location data is provided by Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo GeoPlanet. It is possible (however unlikely) that your city or region is not in Yahoo!'s databases. In that case, I recommend that you search for cities close to your actual location that may be better known. When Sleepytime returns some matches, simply select the appropriate city in the list pop up just below the search field.

Sleepytime won't show the current weather anymore...

If the option to automatically detect your location is enabled, after a while it is possible that Sleepytime will fail to obtain weather information like it used to do. This is due to a bug in Mac OS X where Core Location — the part of Mac OS X that handles location tracking — freezes. Simply restart your computer and it should work again. This Mac OS X bug will most probably be fixed in an upcoming udpate, but as of version 10.7.1 this situation sometimes occur.

If you aren't mobile and find this irritating, you can disable automatic location tracking and manually search for your city or region in Sleepytime's weather preferences tab.