Black Hole

Black Hole is a powerful application that allows you to clear sensitive or temporary information from your Mac with a single click. Black Hole automates many operations such as quitting applications, removing recent items from application menus, emptying the Trash, and more. More time for you!


Quit and Force Quit Applications

Black Hole can quit any number of applications with a single click on the "Clean" button. If an application fails to quit after a set amount of time, Black Hole can force quit it for you.

Clear Recent Items in Your Apps

Using this option you can clear recent items from the <i>File > Open Recent</i> menu of most applications. Black Hole comes with a default set of rules, or you can create your own.

Empty the Trash

Emptying the trash is a matter of seconds, even if the files inside it are locked.

Unmount Volumes

Black Hole is able to unmount volumes from your Mac, be it a Mac or Windows share, a USB key, an external hard drive, or a mounted disk image file (.dmg and others). This is invaluable if you store confidential information in encrypted disk images, etc.

Clear the Clipboard

The clipboard can be cleared without question or only if some keywords are found within it.

Delete Files and Folders

Black Hole can delete files and folders for you, bypassing the Trash. There are several options for configuring exactly what files to remove according to your needs.

Delete Logs

It's easy to delete log files using Black Hole. No need to hunt for them. You can easily mark log files and folders for deletion and have them removed each time you start the cleanup.

Close Safari Tabs and Windows

Safari tabs and windows can be closed without question, or only if their titles contain one or more keyword(s).

Secure Deletion

Black Hole supports deleting files securely using three standard algorithms that provide a good balance between speed and security.