Pro Picker

Pro Picker is the ultimate color picker for macOS. If you ever wished having something like Photoshop's color picker available system-wide on your Mac, then your wish has been granted!



Work with RGB and HSB values in a single, effective panel; just like Photoshop's color picker. No need to dig in submenus to find the adjustments you're looking for!

Universally Available

Pro Picker is a native macOS color picker plugin, which means you can use it in almost all apps that use the system picker: Pixelmator, TextEdit, ColorChooser and more.

Hue, Saturation and Brightness

Display fixed hue, saturation or brightness spectrums at the push of a button.

Dynamic Color Sliders

Color sliders with live previews show you at a glance the effect they would have on the current color.

Precise Color Spectrum

Color spectrums are drawn manually (in opposition to using pre-rendered images like Mac OS X's image-based color picker) for maximum color fidelity at any palette size.

Live Preview

Click or drag on the spectrum to choose a color. The sliders and fields update in real-time to reflect the current color values. Change a value and the spectrum updates accordingly.